Talented friends #1: Laura’s Attic

I am lucky enough to have lots of talented friends who do wonderful things with their time. As this is a blog about crafty things, I thought it only fair to share their work with you. Basically, I would like to brag about my awesome mates and how darn great they are. These people inspire me every day, and provide a lovely supportive network of creativeness which I am extremely grateful for. Most importantly, though, they have DRIVE. Sometimes I lack this, so I am always mega-impressed when I see it.

A case in point is my friend Laura Capper, who works her butt off every day in her business, Laura’s Attic. Based in Mold, North Wales, Laura re-upholsters forlorn and forgotten furniture, refreshing it to a beautiful new shining piece of loveliness ready for your home. I was in the same art class in school with Laura, and back then she was always fastidious about her work. Seeing her furniture in person, it’s clear she still has this attention to detail – it shines through in every perfect colour combination, woven seat and polka-dot piped edge.

Laura undertook an AMUSF course last summer, so is super-qualified in traditional and new methods of upholstery. She also knits cushions, makes bunting and has a real eye for vintage finds. She has given talks at Glyndŵr University and the WI about her work, been on Wrexham’s Calon FM, participates in the Helfa Gelf Open Artists Studios project and regularly travels around the country selling her lovely wares at craft fairs. Phew! I told she was hard-working! Here are some of my favourite Laura’s Attic pieces:

I am a big fan of film photography and have enjoyed many an afternoon taking pictures of Laura’s work. Her furniture lends itself very well to the muted, hazy feel of film, and the colours seem to pop! Go here for a sneak peek of Laura’s studio, and you can see the results of a shoot we did last Spring in Ness Gardens here.

For more information on Laura why not have a peek at her website. You can also find her on Etsy, Twitter and Facebook.

What a gal! I recently acquired a rocking chair, the cushions of which need a bit of TLC, so am hoping to have my very own Laura’s Attic piece in my home sometime soon. Exciting! x

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