Spring days

On our wild garlic hunt a couple of weeks ago, we stopped off in the picturesque nearby town of Llangollen. The weather was (finally!) beautiful, and it was so lovely to spend a gentle day of wandering with Jim and our funny little babe. I’ve been using my digital camera a lot more lately, determined to capture Kitty’s final baby days as much as possible. She is growing so quickly and recently started having the odd tantrum – toddler-dom is imminent!

Kitty is now 14 months old and getting more curious and aware of things every day. She copies us, doing pretend coughing and brushing her hair. She love to pull her socks off in the car, and is obsessed with lids. She loves watching other children. We’ve started planning holidays, camping, picnicking in the garden. I’m looking forward to beach days, sandy palms, sunhats, chubby baby legs, grass stains and ice cream cheeks. Those long summer days and the lovely sweet suncream smell that comes with them.


Wild garlic and warm weather

Oh, poor neglected blog! I would like to blame my extended blogging hiatus on returning to work, family illness, or embarking on a new house project… but despite all these things, I must admit that having a baby really kind of kicked my ass. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mother, and my daughter is an absolute delight, but since having a baby I’ve really struggled to fit in all those things I used to love to do. Blog. Take photographs with my camera. Knit. Bake! Only now, 14 months later, am I slowly starting to get back into everything. Having a baby is all-encompassing, but it is nice to think about me again…and this poor little blog, which I plan to start updating regularly. So why not begin with a recipe!

Last week, when the weather turned warm (hooray!), we took a trip out into the countryside. We are in the process of renovating a house in the hills near Wrexham so went for a drive up there. The sun was warm, the air clear and the strong scent of wild garlic all around. We picked a large handful, as I’d been keen to find some ever since hearing about a recipe for wild garlic and cheese scones on the radio a couple of months ago.

Later, once Kitty was asleep, I whipped up a batch of these scones. They only require a few ingredients and are really quick and easy to make. And they taste delicious warm from the oven – with lashings of butter, of course. If, like me, you like your garlic strong, you’ll love them! Head on over to Emma Bradshaw’s blog for the recipe. And go get foraging!