Maternity style: 35 weeks

I’m a week behind with the maternity posts, as these photographs are from last week, when I was just over 35 weeks pregnant. Today I am 36 weeks pregnant – officially 8 months! Over the Valentines weekend we took a trip to Betws-y-coed, for a night away and to eat all the delicious food. On the way home we stopped off in the tiny village of Carrog to snap a few maternity photos. Sunday was bright and clear, if rather windy, and the view was stunning. We also happened across a chance passing of a steam train!

This is my current uniform of late: comfortable trousers or leggings, and a loose smock top or dress. This Topshop dress isn’t maternity, but it has served me very well over the last few months (although I think wearing it as a dress nowadays would create a bit of scandal). I’ve lately began to get bump-and-back pain when I stand up for too long. Still, I love knowing that my bump is growing steadily and these are all good natural pains, telling me that I’m getting bigger by the day. My stomach has been making some very odd shapes lately as our baby moves about, which isn’t painful but a bit uncomfortable and odd! I have enjoyed whipping my top up to show friends when it happens, haha.

I finish work for maternity leave this week, hooray! I’m looking forward to having a few weeks of knitting, relaxing, Netflixing and finishing off a few baby projects. That is, as long as the baby doesn’t have ideas about coming early!

My rad jewellery is by Loela, a wonderful jewellery and clothes-maker based just down the road from us, in Manchester. I have designs on her beautiful silk mustard shorts and coral trousers – perfect for the summer, post baby-bump! I love the colour combination of this necklace and bracelet, great for jazzing up an everyday outfit.


Wearing: vintage aran cardigan, eBay | dress (worn as top), Topshop | maternity jeans, Topshop | boots, Sainsburys | jewellery, Loela

Maternity style: 34 weeks

We’re nearing the home stretch now, so these days I’m all about comfort. It is in equal parts interesting and frustrating to find out how little of my wardrobe I can still fit in – and I am very grateful that I have a penchant for oversized smock dresses! I have also recently fallen for maternity leggings. Obvious, I know, but SO COMFORTABLE!

I wore this outfit this past weekend for lunch – I love a good striped dress, and this one is still comfortable enough to throw on with tights, and great for layering in the chilly winter weather. My awesome necklace is from Benu, and I love wearing it to add a fun pop of colour to my outfits. It’s also a good talking point!

Our little one is wriggling as much as ever, and she must be getting pretty cramped in there now as I’m feeling some of those kicks and rolls quite sharply nowadays! Our nursery is coming together, and we are ticking off the last few baby things from our list. I can’t quite believe how quickly the last couple of months have gone and the excitement/nerves are starting to kick in. How am I almost 8 months pregnant!? I’m still loving it, though, and am trying to savour the feeling of carrying our little one around with me as much as possible before we get to meet her. In around 6 weeks! Come on time, give me a break.


Wearing: jumper, Zara | shirt, Topshop via eBay | dress, H&M | vintage moccasins, Beacon’s Closet, Brooklyn NY

Maternity style: 31 weeks

This week’s maternity outfit is brought to you by a delightfully girly hen do, which I went on over the weekend. You guys, we made floral crowns! I have been obsessed with floral crowns after doing research for our wedding, and making my own was loads of fun.

When I arrived home on Sunday and saw that it had snowed, I threw on this outfit and dragged Jim outside for a few pictures. I love the contrast between the pretty spring flowers in my hair and the melting snow. It reminds me that Spring will soon be on the way, along with our baby! I am seven months pregnant now, which is just…crazy. We are being very organised, though. We have a high chair (we opted for this one), and have been putting up shelves in the baby’s room – mainly to get all my craft books out of the way!

I’m still feeling really good at the moment, if more aware every day of my bump growing heavier. Although she’s growing fast, our baby is still quite the wriggler, entertaining us every evening with her rolls and kicks. I’ve started attending a birthing and relaxation class, which I think will be great at helping me stay calm as the weeks towards my due date tick away. Clothing is getting more tricky, which is why lately I’ve been leaning more towards dresses like this one, which are so easy and comfortable to wear with tights. I did recently treat myself to some wonderful polka dot print trousers, which I am looking forward to wearing in the Summer when galavanting around with Jim and the baby. Ahh, I do miss you, high-waisted trousers! See you soon, I hope.


Wearing: vintage cardigan, Oxfam Originals | dress, Toast | boots, Sainsburys | lipstick, Topshop

Maternity style: 29 weeks

Happy 2015! I hope your Christmas was merry and bright, and the new year is treating you well so far. Our festive season was full of family, friends, food, and reflecting on how different next Christmas is going to be. My bump has grown again over the last few weeks, and I’m well and truly into the third trimester! My, time is flying. Our little one continues to move a LOT, picking bump party sessions at opportune moments such as midnight, 3am and 7am. Nice one, baby! As much as it keeps me awake, I love feeling her wriggling about and am grateful that she is so active. It also occurred to me lately that as much as we are excited about meeting our baby, I will miss carrying her around with me, my constant companion. I have been very lucky so far in that I’ve had a very easy pregnancy, and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Our Christmas decorations are down now, and we’ve entered 2015 determined to be organised. That has meant picking up our pram, washing baby clothes and even buying nappies! Our next job is sorting our spare room and getting everything neat for the baby – I will share a small nursery tour when we’re done.

This past weekend we took a walk in Erddig, our local National Trust property, and the setting for our our engagement photos (taken what seems like a lifetime ago now!). I finished knitting this cosy winter sweater just before Christmas, and teamed it with my comfiest maternity jeans and my favourite coat. Man, I love this coat. I spotted it in French Connection early last year, but the price tag put me off. Then I found it on eBay over the summer for a third of the price. Bargain! Although not strictly a maternity coat, its oversized style is perfect for accommodating my growing bump. Also, a splash of coral pink in the winter never hurt anyone.


Wearing: coat, French Connection via eBay | blanket scarf, Accessorize | jumper, handknitted by me | jeans, Topshop | boots, Liberty for Doc Martens

Maternity style: 26 weeks

This past weekend we took a trip to Dagfields craft and antique centre, where we snapped a few photos, including one of the three of us. At 26 weeks, I’m fast approaching the third trimester, which is both very exciting and pretty terrifying. My bump is slowly growing, and some days I wake up and feel huge! This is then is crazy comparison to when I see photos of myself and realise how small I still am in reality. We had a midwife appointment a couple of weeks ago and she assured me I’m doing fine size-wise, but it is crazy to think how much growing I still have to do. This skirt has been in regular rotation in my wardrobe lately: comfortable, easy to wear and stretchy!

The baby is kicking up a storm these days, making us well aware of her presence. I’m still completely in awe when that happens. I’m feeling more tired these days, but that could be the madness of Christmas approaching. Baby knitting is still in progress, and I have an exciting and ADORABLE hat pattern to share. In the meantime I plan to share a few of my current online baby shops in this space…back soon!


Wearing: vintage cardigan, ebay | scarf, gift shop, Montgomery | skirt, Zara | boots, Liberty for Doc Martens

Maternity style: 23 weeks

Oops, it’s been a few weeks since I wrote one of these. A month, in fact! Another month and it will be Christmas. Holy moly! This past month has been a great one: I’m feeling really healthy and energetic at the moment, with only a few spots and slight dizzyness now and again. What’s more, our baby is kicking up a storm in my belly! I’ve been feeling her every day, mainly in the mornings and evenings, when I’m sitting down and things are a bit quieter. Craziest of all, we have lately been able to see her moving from the outside, which is seriously amazing/slightly creepy.

I’m just over 23 weeks pregnant, and with the second trimester racing towards us, it’s all becoming a bit real! More shopping has been done, including buying a cot. Last week, my bump popped out again, and is getting more noticeable every day. I’ve found it really hard not to have bump envy when seeing other similarly-pregnant women with bigger bumps, but I’m relaxing now and just enjoying seeing our little lady growing every day.

This week’s photos were taken in Manchester, where we spent an afternoon this past weekend. My favourite comfy uniform of late is a midi skirt with a t-shirt, or more usually, my denim shirt, which goes with everything. We experienced a really mild few days, so I was able to pair this look with only my leather jacket and a cosy scarf.


Wearing: leather jacket, New York flea market | shawl worn as scarf, Accessorize | denim shirt, Topshop via eBay | skirt, primark | boots, Sainbury’s | I ❤ Books bag, from a friend

Oh, baby!

I had my 20 week scan yesterday and we decided to find out the gender of our little one. So, courtesy of our special Halloween baby barometer, here is our latest news!

swampthing left
swampthing right

Of course we are both very happy and excited! Now I just need to resist the overwhelming urge to immediately go shopping…