I’ve arrived

So, after encouragement from various friends, I finally started a blog. A BLOG YAY! Creative activities are a really big part of my life, so this is where I will jabber on about them. I will also talk about things, people and other places on the internet that inspire me. Because I get very excited when I find nice things I want to share.

So I’ll begin with a project I finished recently: the doily lampshade. After reading this post on the DOS Family blog I immediately became over-excited at the idea of making my own lovely lacy lampshade. After a couple of months of ebay-battling and charity shop-scrounging I had all the materials needed: a huge balloon, a LOT of cotton doilies and wallpaper paste.

Then you just paste, and paste some more…

until all covered and nice and dry!

Next it’s time to pop the balloon, hang up and gaze adoringly at your homemade shade.

Want to make your own? Go on, it’s dead easy and FUN too. Hop on over to the DOS family blog for full instructions.

Wow, a blog post! I did it, you guys! Procrastination is over. Buckle up blogland. I am READY!

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