Dog days

More baby stuff today (sorry – this has become a baby blog! for now at least), in the form of presents for friends’ babies. If you’re a sewing fan, you may be interested to know that you receive a free pattern when you sign up to the Purl Soho newsletter. When I did this last year, I chose the pattern for the Purl Soho pup, an adorable sausage dog made from cotton and wool felt. When cutting out the pattern pieces, I knew it was going to be fiddly, but the accompanying tutorial (with photos!) was really easy to follow and I actually enjoyed the whole sewing process a lot. Rather than, ahem, other times when sewing makes me stressed and sends me into a rage. I just took my time and followed the instructions, and before long, I had a pup!

I love this little sausage dog, the cute face and ears, and the squishy body is the perfect present for a little one. The first pup was made for Jim’s cousin, who had a little girl in the summer. Hence, pink and florals. The next one (sewed up a lot quicker) was for my friend’s little boy, born in October. I love the combination of beige and polka dots on this one – and, of course, the pom pom trim for a collar! I die.


I often think I’m not very good at sewing (I certainly have yet to master curtains or dressmaking) but achieving small projects like this – and for them to actually look good – is really satisfying. It’s definitely helped to build up my sewing confidence. They’re not perfect, but in my mind that’s what makes them special: the little bits of handsewing, the slightly wonky ears! Of course, choosing the fabric combinations is one of the best parts, but seeing the faces of loved ones receiving a gift you have handmade with love – well that’s got to be the best part of all.


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