Baby knits

Today I’m sharing a couple of knitted projects that I’ve recently finished for our baby. Although I usually shy away from knitting clothes for babies, as they grow out of them so quickly, I couldn’t resist these lovely patterns. The first is a very cute jumper that I found on Ravelry. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! Simple garter stitch, knitted in a T-shape, with some casting off for the neckhole, and some more knitting in a reverse T-shape. You then simply fold it in half and sew it up. So great! I admit I have a thing for pom pom trim, so I added that to the hem to finish the jumper off, along with some heart-shaped elbow patches. SUPER CUTE.


The second project was actually a request from Jim. Back in 2011, when on holiday in New York, we found an adorable child’s hat in the gift shop of the American Folk Art Museum. With thoughts of babies in the waaaay too distant future for us to even consider buying it, we left it in the shop. When we found out I was pregnant Jim immediately remembered it but alas, the shop no longer stocks it. So he set to work finding a similar pattern online. And he did! This actually only took me about a week to knit, and although it was slightly fiddly in places, it was pretty fun to make with all the different colours. It’s a great stash-buster, too. I really love how this hat turned out and can only imagine the cuteness when our baby is old enough to wear it! You can find the pattern for free here.


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