Shop crush: Polka Dot Club

I’ve already talked about my love of discovering independent shops selling lovely baby wares, and next up on my new favourites list is Polka Dot Club, a dreamy venture run by a very talented lady named Jennifer Murphy, who clearly has a thing for old things.

A second-generation teddy bear maker, Jen takes toy-making seriously. As it says on the Polka Dot Club wesbite, “At the turn of the 20th century the finest teddy bears and stuffed animals were made with mohair, wool felt, and wood stuffing. Inspired by the longevity of its love worn predecessors, the PDC continues to use only natural fibers. We use mohair fur woven onto cotton backing, and improve on safety and feel with the inclusion of safety eyes and 100% cotton stuffing…These are bears that pay homage to the past but are wholly modern playthings for today. They are heirlooms for now and forever.”

After discovering Polka Dot Club on Instagram, I hot-footed it over to the website and immediately fell in love with their Big Bear, a gorgeous mohair two-tone panda with big eyes and a snazzy bow. We decided that this should be our baby’s first teddy, and within a few weeks he had arrived in our home. He is so handsome, in beige and black, with a pink PDC bow. He was bigger than I expected, and really so sturdy and well-made. I love the feel of the mohair, and know this little fella is going to get a lot of love and wear – and most importantly, last for many, many years of playtime. I love that Jen’s bears retain that lovely vintage feel, it’s such a charming (and rare) thing to find in new toys.


As well as the adorable bears, Jen also makes bear head rattles, cuddle rabbits and even clothes for the smaller bears! Truly adorable. I’ll leave you with some of my favourites from the shop, and probably also a yearning to get yourself, or a loved one, a new (old) teddy. Sorry about that…


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