Maternity style: 31 weeks

This week’s maternity outfit is brought to you by a delightfully girly hen do, which I went on over the weekend. You guys, we made floral crowns! I have been obsessed with floral crowns after doing research for our wedding, and making my own was loads of fun.

When I arrived home on Sunday and saw that it had snowed, I threw on this outfit and dragged Jim outside for a few pictures. I love the contrast between the pretty spring flowers in my hair and the melting snow. It reminds me that Spring will soon be on the way, along with our baby! I am seven months pregnant now, which is just…crazy. We are being very organised, though. We have a high chair (we opted for this one), and have been putting up shelves in the baby’s room – mainly to get all my craft books out of the way!

I’m still feeling really good at the moment, if more aware every day of my bump growing heavier. Although she’s growing fast, our baby is still quite the wriggler, entertaining us every evening with her rolls and kicks. I’ve started attending a birthing and relaxation class, which I think will be great at helping me stay calm as the weeks towards my due date tick away. Clothing is getting more tricky, which is why lately I’ve been leaning more towards dresses like this one, which are so easy and comfortable to wear with tights. I did recently treat myself to some wonderful polka dot print trousers, which I am looking forward to wearing in the Summer when galavanting around with Jim and the baby. Ahh, I do miss you, high-waisted trousers! See you soon, I hope.


Wearing: vintage cardigan, Oxfam Originals | dress, Toast | boots, Sainsburys | lipstick, Topshop

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