Maternity style: 26 weeks

This past weekend we took a trip to Dagfields craft and antique centre, where we snapped a few photos, including one of the three of us. At 26 weeks, I’m fast approaching the third trimester, which is both very exciting and pretty terrifying. My bump is slowly growing, and some days I wake up and feel huge! This is then is crazy comparison to when I see photos of myself and realise how small I still am in reality. We had a midwife appointment a couple of weeks ago and she assured me I’m doing fine size-wise, but it is crazy to think how much growing I still have to do. This skirt has been in regular rotation in my wardrobe lately: comfortable, easy to wear and stretchy!

The baby is kicking up a storm these days, making us well aware of her presence. I’m still completely in awe when that happens. I’m feeling more tired these days, but that could be the madness of Christmas approaching. Baby knitting is still in progress, and I have an exciting and ADORABLE hat pattern to share. In the meantime I plan to share a few of my current online baby shops in this space…back soon!


Wearing: vintage cardigan, ebay | scarf, gift shop, Montgomery | skirt, Zara | boots, Liberty for Doc Martens

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