Seasonal baking

I realise that this blog has become pretty baby-centric of late, and I’ve posted no baking updates for quite a while. Well, I haven’t stopped baking, and still do so regularly, but recently I’ve been a bit uninspired in that department so have been turning back to old favourites: tried-and-tested recipes which I’ve made before and I know are sure to go down well in our house. With Christmas shopping and decorating vying for attention, it’s nice to be able to bake something easy and stress-free that I know I can whip up easily. So I thought I’d give you a little round-up of some of my favourite seasonal recipes which are just perfect for this time of year.

First up, back in November I revisited one of our favourites, treacle toffee. This recipe does make quite a lot, so we shared it out between friends to celebrate Bonfire Night. Treacle toffee also works well around Christmastime, why not bag it up and share with your loved ones as a festive treat?

Next up, for a weekend away with some pals I made this delicious chocolate tart, which was a new recipe for me last new year. We ate it with cream, like complete gluttons, and leftovers were sent home with happy friends.

I can’t quite believe I haven’t posted about this before, but it’s almost time to break out the spices and make lebkuchen! I first made this two years ago, using Ruth’s excellent recipe. You don’t need me to type out the process again, simply head over to The Pink Whisk for full instructions and photos. I love to make lebkuchen to give to friends and family for Christmas, and usually dip the biscuits in chocolate. Last year I also punched a hole in a snowflake-shaped biscuit and hung it from our Christmas tree (until it mysteriously disappeared). Cute!

Although I pronounced this cake to be ideal for January, its beautiful gingery warmth will also get you through chilly December. A foolproof Nigel Slater recipe, which I’ve made multiple times now. Always gets a lot of praise and is a doddle to make!

Finally, if it’s chocolate you’re after, Nigel is at hand to help out again. These chocolate puddings are delicious, but to make them truly festive you could add a few drops of irish cream or other liqueur.

If you have a go at any of the above recipes, do let me know, and enjoy! Another firm favourite in our house is a simple gingernut thoroughly drizzled in dark chocolate. I hope your seasonal baking is filled with fun, happiness and – most of all – minimal stress!

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