Maternity style: 23 weeks

Oops, it’s been a few weeks since I wrote one of these. A month, in fact! Another month and it will be Christmas. Holy moly! This past month has been a great one: I’m feeling really healthy and energetic at the moment, with only a few spots and slight dizzyness now and again. What’s more, our baby is kicking up a storm in my belly! I’ve been feeling her every day, mainly in the mornings and evenings, when I’m sitting down and things are a bit quieter. Craziest of all, we have lately been able to see her moving from the outside, which is seriously amazing/slightly creepy.

I’m just over 23 weeks pregnant, and with the second trimester racing towards us, it’s all becoming a bit real! More shopping has been done, including buying a cot. Last week, my bump popped out again, and is getting more noticeable every day. I’ve found it really hard not to have bump envy when seeing other similarly-pregnant women with bigger bumps, but I’m relaxing now and just enjoying seeing our little lady growing every day.

This week’s photos were taken in Manchester, where we spent an afternoon this past weekend. My favourite comfy uniform of late is a midi skirt with a t-shirt, or more usually, my denim shirt, which goes with everything. We experienced a really mild few days, so I was able to pair this look with only my leather jacket and a cosy scarf.


Wearing: leather jacket, New York flea market | shawl worn as scarf, Accessorize | denim shirt, Topshop via eBay | skirt, primark | boots, Sainbury’s | I ❤ Books bag, from a friend

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