Maternity style: 19 weeks

I’m not intending to write a maternity style post for every week of my pregnancy, but I wanted to this time because week 19 has probably been the most momentous so far (after finding out I was pregnant, of course). Last weekend my belly well and truly popped out, and although it’s still small, I love that I’ve finally started showing. What’s more, I’m feeling well and – short of a few spots and, ahem, bouts of moodiness – am really enjoying being pregnant.

Another reason this week is a biggie is because I felt our baby move for the first time. I had been trying not to get too excited and confuse belly rumbles for movement, but the little pops and flutters I’ve been feeling are quite different. What’s more, just a few days ago I put Jim’s hand on my bump and after a few minutes he felt quite a fierce kick/punch! It was truly amazing to experience that together and now in the evenings, when the baby seems most active, he can join in on the fun with me.

For this week’s photos we went for a stroll to our local park, which was looking quite the Autumnal postcard. I love layering up, and am looking forward to more of this lovely tights-and-scarf weather!
Wearing: necklace, Topshop | waistcoat, knitted by me | dress, American Apparel | maternity jeans, Topshop | boots, Sainsburys

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