Maternity style: 18 weeks

These photos are actually from last week, when the weather was miserable and rainy and I was just shy of 18 weeks pregnant. Luckily, a lemon cake was in the oven and I had just been gifted this pretty fair isle skirt so was in the mood for a garden photoshoot with our chickens. At 18 weeks I was back to feeling very much like a normal human (ha!), with the queasiness of morning sickness long gone. Here you can just see my bump beginning to make itself known! One odd side effect I experienced briefly last week was itchy hands…anyone else had that before?

I am loving stretchy, comfy skirts, and this knitted one is no exception. Perfect with tights and legwarmers for a cosy afternoon of baking – and, maybe, some chicken chasing.






Wearing: t-shirt, Allo Darlin’ | skirt, gift | wellies, charity shop find | umbrella, leftover from our wedding

2 thoughts on “Maternity style: 18 weeks

  1. hey!! loving this blog emily! Itchy hands are a sign of something to do with your liver its common in pregnancy, my friend was itchy all over! haha! Good luck hun you look fabulous xx

    • Thanks Lou! A couple of people have warned me to get it checked out in case of liver problems. It only lasted a couple of days but it it comes back I’ll look into it. Thanks lovely! x

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