A bear for a dear

It’s back to normal around these parts, which is lovely. Although I enjoyed planning our wedding, I have to say that I don’t miss it. I’m loving being at home, doing normal homely things. One such thing is a lot of crafting, as we have several friends who have babies on the way in the next few months. My friend Rachel gave birth to her second baby in July, and as I made Rachel’s first child a giant Humpty Dumpty a couple of years ago, it was only fair to make the new baby their own toy.

I’m a big fan of making toys for babies, as opposed to clothes, as children don’t grow out of them and will – hopefully – form a lifelong bond with their new pal. I decided to make a bear from Chloe tells you how…to sew by talented stitcher Chloe Owens. It’s a great, colourful book full of patterns for fun projects to stitch, from a toy rabbit to a patchwork quilt, to a feather headdress, cat bed, felt biscuits and earrings. The 60s fabric that Chloe favours really caught my eye, and made me want to make Fred bear straight away, with his happy face and smart braces…although I had plans to update this bear if Rachel’s baby turned out to be a girl!


I was planning to stick with braces if the baby was a boy, but add a lace trim to the neck and waistline if a girl. When little Maria was born on 4th July I excitedly set to work adding the lace, and of course, eyelashes. Although I do a lot more knitting than sewing, I really enjoyed this project and think Mrs Bear turned out pretty cute, if double the size of the baby (she’ll grow into it). Furthermore, Mrs Bear didn’t take long to put together. My favourite part was probably choosing fabric for this project – there are so many possibilities! Also, well. The fabric in my craft room is getting a bit out of hand. Good job there are more babies on the way then…!


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