Our wedding paper goods: part 2

Following my blog post about our wedding Save the Date postcards, today I’ll be sharing the story behind our wedding invitations. With our wedding being a DIY-fest, we knew straight away that we had to design the invitations ourselves. But where to start? Dreaming up a design was a pretty overwhelming thought, until I spotted this book in the library where I work, and brought it home to show Jim.

It’s a delightful children’s book, with flaps that open out to reveal information on how a seed grows into a sunflower. With our wedding theme being, well, flowers, I was smitten with this book, and thought it would be a brilliant (if time-consuming) format for our invites. Without me saying anything Jim knew straight away what I was thinking, and his initial reaction was, “No! No way. You cray cray!” (or something along those lines)

But Jim likes a challenge, and sure enough the next day he showed me a sketch for how he thought we could make it work. The other big decision we made very quickly was that we would print the invitations ourselves, at home, rather than going to a printing company. This was mainly because we were so particular about how we wanted the invitations to look that we needed complete control over them. That, and they were going to be pretty fiddly to make. Sure, there was a lot of Photoshopping involved, a lot of writing and a hell of a lot of printing, cutting and sticking…but we did it!

And we are mega pleased with how they turned out. I love that our invites don’t represent either one of us too much – they’re just very, well, us. It was Jim’s idea to include a soppy picture of us in the middle, and that just put the cherry on top. They’ve gone down really well with our friends and family, too: we had a fair few excited messages and emails as people received their invites. The thought of all our flowers stuck on people’s fridges around the country still makes me giddy.

Below are a few photos of the invitations in production, including our all-important envelope liners (yes, I went there) and heart-shaped stickers in the floral Liberty print that I love so much. Enjoy!


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