Our wedding paper goods: part 1

Ok, ok. I’ve been a bit neglectful on the blog of late. Well, make that a lot neglectful. I had plans to talk about how catastrophically I’ve failed to achieve the goals I set for myself last year. I had ideas of blogs posts for recipes, book reviews, and more resolutions for 2014. But alas, weddings kinda tend to get in the way, don’t they? I feel super lame for blaming our upcoming wedding on my lack of blogging, but SERIOUSLY! Someone please tell me where the time is going. With just over two months to go until our wedding day, things have been slowly building and now we’re approaching Crunch Time. So I’m sorry little blog, but regular weekly blog posts will most definitely be a thing of the past until probably something like June, once we’ve honeymooned and all the wedding madness is over.

In the meantime, I’ll try to post some fun wedding stuff on here. A lot of craft has been going down around these parts lately, and I’ll share some of that soon. First up, though, now most of our invites have been sent out I thought I’d share our stationery with you. We are super pleased with how our save the dates and invites turned out – and let me tell you, they were very much a labour of love.

First off, we decided that we needed to do them ourselves. Jim and I had a very particular vision about how we wanted our paper goods to look so we knew the only way we would be completely happy was if we had absolute control over making them. This, of course, meant many hours for me sitting and writing out the same words again and again, many hours for him in front of the computer, fiddling around with colours and layout. Then we printed out again and again, adjusting colours and sizing…we bought a new printer, and a lot of card. But we’re so happy with the end results.

Our idea for the save the dates began with an old-style photograph we took at Bodelwyddan Castle. That photo is framed and hanging on our bathroom wall. We love it, and Jim came up with a brilliant way of turning it into our save the date postcard. I added some watercolour flowers and cute touches to our faces, and hand-wrote the lettering for the back. We then printed them out double-sided onto card. The floral pattern is a Liberty fabric which I am thoroughly obsessed with, and which very quickly became the theme for our wedding colours.

save the date front

Later this week I’ll be sharing part 2 of our wedding stationery: invites! Stay tuned…

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