An engagement shoot

A few weeks ago, me and Jim spent a morning in Erddig, Wrexham’s beautiful National Trust property, with our wedding photographer – and lovely friend – Llinos. And we shot an engagement photo session! We didn’t originally intend to do one of these, as I’m aware that sometimes they can be a bit, erm, cheesy, but we thought it was a good chance to get used to being photographed ahead of our wedding day.

As photoshoots go, we wanted something informal and outdoorsy. We’re extremely lucky to live so close to the beautiful house and grounds at Erddig, and knew it would be the perfect place for a pretty outdoor shoot, with all the lovely Autumnal colours. We had a great morning wandering through the woods, climbing across tree trunks and strolling through the crunchy leaves. Llinos is a lovely pal, but also a really fun, relaxed photographer, and she put us at ease all the way through.

I love Llinos’ photos and am now all the more excited for that bit of our wedding day (five months and counting!). Here are some shots from the shoot. Enjoy!

jim em0003
jim em0004
jim em0021
jim em0016
jim em0045
jim em0009
rude crop
jim em0019
jim em0034
jim em0042

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