The flower bug

We’ve been doing some wedding planning recently. When thinking about themes and colour schemes, it occurred to me that I am quite obsessed with all things floral. I seem to be drawn to flowery patterns on clothes, fabric, wallpaper, crockery, furniture: you name it, I love it. I’ve been scouring our local car boot sale lately for embroidered floral linens and tablecloths, and my Instagram feed is pretty cluttered up with photos of flowers.

This is all heavily influencing my plans for wedding decoration. I think our wedding “theme” has even become, ever so simply, FLORAL. Maybe I’ve just been noticing it more lately, but sites all over the internet seem to be full of flowers at the moment, so I’d like to share some of them with you.

First off, Brittany Watson Jepsen, of The House That Lars Built fame, wrote just this week about her own obsession with flower gardens. She is a big influence anyway, introducing me to the wonder of giant paper flowers. Check out her wedding: I mean. WHUUT!?

I’ve pre-ordered this book, and come October you will probably find me buried under several layers of tissue paper.

My lovely friend Helen is doing our wedding flowers, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading her new blog about all things floral.

Kate Miss’ floral crown experiments have made me even more set on having flowers in my hair on our wedding day, and flower arranger-extraordinaire Chelsea’s blog is a constant source of floral inspiration.

I also love the Oh Happy Day blog in general, but their insanely awesome floral-themed DIY ideas have made me ultra-excited about wedding party decorating.

Wild Hearts Wedding Photography specialise in dreamy, 70s shots and full on flower joy. I love it.

Here are some more floral things from around the internet sending me Big Time Giddy lately. There will be more posts on wedding stuff in the next few months, I’m sure, but for now: deep breaths. And enjoy the flowers.

top row, 1-r: 1. 2. 3
second row, l-r: 4. 5. 6
third row, l-r: 7. 8. 9
fourth row, l-r: 10. 11. 12
bottom row, l-r: 13. 14. 15

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