A Sweater for Spring

Recently, I raved about Anna Wilkinson and her book of wonderful knitting patterns. And even more recently – this past week, in fact – I finished knitting my first piece from her book: the simple fair isle band sweater. This sweater is a great project for a beginner looking for a bit more of a challenge: some ribbing, decreasing and fair isle colour-changing. The pretty pattern even inspired my beginner friend to have a go at fair isle knitting – and she loved it! The sweater was a delight to knit, and the bright colours helped me though some dark wintery afternoons. Today I will give you a little tour through the making of my sweater. Beware: image-heavy post ahead!

The sweater was the first thing I fell in love with when I flipped through Anna’s book last Autumn, with its bright and surprising colour combination. I would never have put deep mustard and raspberry pink together, but they work brilliantly. Two days after getting my hands on the book, I ordered my wool and set to work…

Front and back finished…

Knitting the neckline with circular needles…

Front and back and both sleeves finished…

Blocking the front panel…

And sewing the pieces together…

More blocking…

One final bit of sewing…

And it was done!

I knit this sweater on and off throughout Autumn and Winter, but it seems the perfect thing to welcome Spring: woolly and warm, with short sleeves for those fleeting moments of afternoon sun. We had a lot of snow around these parts lately, but over the weekend the sun came out, so it was the perfect time for a little photoshoot. I teamed my sweater with high-waisted jeans and my beloved floral Doc Martens boots. And of course, a warm hat, because it’s still chilly out there you know! But it won’t be for long. My sweater says so.


5 thoughts on “A Sweater for Spring

  1. I love this on you – I’m about to get my hands on a copy of Anna’s book and can’t wait to get knitting all kinds of winter bits. By the way, I love your blog, so much loveliness!

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