DIY Bedding Box

A few months ago I was given a very old and rather sorry-looking bedding box. Although slightly forlorn, I knew it wasn’t quite bin-worthy so I decided to give it a new lease of life, and at the same time create a home for my, ahem, rather large collection of wool. I knew just the girl to help me: Laura Capper of Laura’s Attic. As the home of furniture re-upholstery, Laura’s studio contains all sorts of tricks and tools for projects just like this one – such as a magnetic hammer, possibly the coolest invention ever? So over numerous cups of tea, she helped me primp and preen my bedding box into a thing of floral beauty. So here is a little DIY story for you today…

Poor old bedding box before its makeover…

Little bit ragged around the edges…

First we ripped off the lid covering and pulled out many rusty old nails, and I gave the box a good clean with soapy water…

Then I painted on two coats of moss green paint, to match the fabric I had chosen for the lid of the box…


Now on to the lid: we took off the rusty old hinges and chain…

And I cut out a rectangle each of upholstery foam and wool batting, to fit on top of the lid…

I used spray adhesive to stick the two layers on top of the lid…

Then we positioned the lid on top of my chosen fabric…

And I used a staple gun to secure the fabric all the way around, pulling the fabric taught…

Then trimmed off the excess material…

Next I used a glue gun to attach bias binding all the way around the edge of the lid (that neat corner, there? Yep, that was all Laura. It takes quite a bit of practice to get them that neat – and a good magnetic hammer…)

Then I used the glue gun to attach my pom-pom trim – my favourite part!


And it’s done – all apart from attaching new hinges and chain to the lid…

I’m sorry to say that the box sat in my sewing room all over Christmas, waiting for its hinges and chain to be added. But this past week my boyfriend obliged…


And my bedding box really is finished! Now, I wonder how much wool I can squash in there…



4 thoughts on “DIY Bedding Box

  1. I love the transformation! The pattern and colour work really well together. (Plus the colour of your walls is lovely, too).

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