Let’s do this 2013

I don’t usually set myself goals from year to year – instead, we have a small notebook in which we write aims for each month of the year. This lives next to the calendar in our kitchen and we mark off the aims as we complete them. It’s a great way to get things done, and makes our aims seem more manageable. If something isn’t completed in its designated month, it rolls to the next, which is very useful for seeing what we’ve been putting off (ahem, making curtains).

But recently I’ve been inspired by Fi and Me to write myself some goals for 2013. I don’t want to go mad, but think it will be good to have some ongoing goals to accompany my monthly lists. It will be interesting to see how many I can achieve! So here goes…

Take up yoga and go to classes on a regular basis
I don’t do a lot of exercise – in fact, the most I do is my 10-minute walk to work and the occasional gentle stroll. So I’m determined to get into a routine where I do something energetic and feel like I’ve actually had a workout. When I lived in Manchester I went to a swing dance class, which I loved. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be many in the Wrexham area…maybe I should set one up…!

swing dance
Finish sewing curtains for all the rooms in our house
This task seems to turn me into one hell of a procrastinator. I know I can make curtains, because I made some for my sewing room last year. But there’s something about them…the endless measuring and calculations, maybe, or the concentration involved? Either way, it’s one craft project I could happily put off forever, but as one window in our house is currently sporting a blanket for a curtain, it’s something I need to push myself to do.

NB: It’s a very nice blanket, by the way, and I don’t think many people notice…but still. A blanket.

Sew myself some clothes from vintage patterns
Although I’m pretty proficient with my sewing machine, sewing myself a piece of clothing is something I’ve never tackled. And after being inspired by the wealth of dressmaking blogs around, I think 2013 is the year to make myself some good old fashioned homemade pieces. I’m hoping this will also tie in with my next goal…

vintage dress pattern2
Buy more vintage clothing, and less from the high street
I love a good shop, I really do. High street, vintage, secondhand; I love them all. And I do buy a lot of secondhand and vintage clothing – but I’m aware that I could cut down on my visits to high street shops. I would also like to be more ethically conscious when buying clothes, not just reverting to the usual shops because they’re easy to buy from. And with ebay, Etsy and various local antiques shops on my regular rotation, I have no excuse not to kerb my high street spending.

Do monthly recipe posts over at Manchester Cake Club
In autumn of last year, I was asked to contribute to the Manchester Cake Club blog, a great resource for recipes and cake-related events in the North-West England area. I was very flattered, and jumped at the chance – but although I posted recipes in October and November, I missed December. My excuse is that Christmas took over, but still. I will be posting there once a month from now on! And to make up for my missed month, I will be sending in two recipes for January. Hooray!

Blog at least once a week
As above, Christmas hampered my wintery blogging. I may be busy, but how hard is it to write a piece once a week? I really enjoy blogging, and need to make time for it. So I will be challenging myself to post something here at least once a week this year. I’ll definitely be blogging about those curtains I’ll definitely be making…

Cook a new recipe for tea once a month
Although my true passion is baking, I also love savoury cooking. There’s something so fun about sourcing interesting, exciting ingredients for a newly-tested dish, and watching it come to life in the kitchen. And even if these recipes don’t get added to our regular rotation of meals, it’s always fun to try something new. So in 2013 I plan to cook one new recipe for our evening meal once a month. Recipes I plan to tackle include: roasted onion soup, exciting curries, bread and pies!

Set up a recipe website
Last year, I inherited my aunty’s old recipes. There were hundreds of them, typed or handwritten or torn from magazines and newspapers. They were organised in card folders, and I sorted through them and have been scanning them onto my computer. This year I plan to set up a website so people can try them out.

White chocolate mousse
Photo credits: here and here

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