In the loop

A few weeks ago, I accompanied the boys behind Salle Pierre Lamy on a short trip to London. In between going on the radio, eating large quantities of food and lots of giddy running around in Liberty’s (just me, really, that one), Jim and Ian succumbed to being dragged into the Loop knitting shop, in Islington.

If you have never heard of Loop, it is a knitting mecca. You may well have seen their adverts in knitting and crochet magazines, and they have a strong online presence with a lovely, but positively evil, shop and a great blog, packed full of knitting and crochet-related news, patterns and events. I have visited the Loop shop on previous trips to London, but this time I was armed with a camera.

The shop is a lovely little haven in Camden Passage, bright and colourful and stuffed full with glorious things to look at: countless shelves and jars of buttons, washi tape, skeins of thread arranged in rainbow colours, knitted oddments and various crafty magazines and brochures. There is an actual WALL OF WOOL that greets you as you walk in, where you stop and realise with a tingly feeling that you will be spending a lot of money today. Delightful handmade paper decorations adorn the windows, and upstairs, there is an alphabetised bookcase of craft books, along with a basket full of wool, crocheted blankets and the most amazing rug I have ever seen.

The women in the shop were happy for me to take photos, and they didn’t even seem to mind when I didn’t actually buy anything. To be honest, I was too overwhelmed by it all! It’s difficult to find just one thing to buy in Loop, so when you go, remember two things:

1) That week, you will probably be eating only beans on toast
2) You should definitely not blame me when this happens

Enjoy the photos!

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