Mrs Humpty

Last year, my friend Rachel had a baby. An extremely cute baby. As predicted, she has grown into an equally cute, very smiley little girl, with amazing curly hair and the happiest disposition you can imagine. CUTE. But then I had a feeling she would be. As a present for the new baby, I wanted to make something fitting to the inevitable cuteness of Rachel’s first child. Not clothes, because children grow out of them so fast…a toy, maybe?…a knitted toy! Yes. And that’s how I found Mrs Humpty.

She was adapted from a pattern for Humpty Dumpty which I found in an old knitting booklet. I thought he would be the perfect gift for a newborn; soft and round with a friendly face – a great companion to squish whenever necessary. Rachel and her partner decided not to find out the sex of their baby before the birth, so I realised I could knit the majority of Humpty, and then if the baby was a girl I could modify Humpty into a lady egg. My brain suddenly went into overdrive; I had ideas of eyelashes, a dandy little hat, many crocheted flowers, perhaps a bow! I tried not to get too carried away…but I was secretly quite delighted when little Rosanna was born.

Mrs Humpty turned out to be quite big, so I was a bit worried she would scare the heck out of the baby. But she lives happily in Rosanna’s bedroom and is well-loved. Mrs Humpty may be my favourite thing I’ve ever knitted. I really enjoyed making her, partly because she was a gift for a dear friend, and, I’m sure, partly because knitting a giant anthropomorphic egg just can’t help but be a fun task.

And here she is in photos…

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